Birch Creek Innovations

Birch Creek Innovations provides product design, engineering, prototyping, and volume manufacturing to support its clients’ abilities to compete on regional, national and global levels. At its core, Birch Creek Innovations drives non-essential functions to near zero through automation, cost reduction, waste elimination, energy consumption and conservation.

Can’t find sources internally? Turn to Birch Creek Innovations.

Product Development

Intelligent Devices and IoT

Create effective product designs and rigorously test prototypes

  • Design and engineer intelligent devices
  • Leverage software and firmware
  • Prototype and test rapidly
  • Assess product usability
  • Conduct patent searches
  • Reduce product development costs
  • Conduct paid pilots


Get it Right

Ensure full-volume production starts and continues without incident

  • Create detailed product specifications
  • Source production materials, components, and subsystems
  • Set production conformance expectations
  • Define product approval criteria
  • Define change control processes
  • Plan for product maintenance, refurbishing, and redesign
  • Fabricate essential production templates and molds
  • Assure regulatory requirements are met
  • Define quality control processes
  • Integrate pre-production with full-volume production


Get it Done

Use smart automation to implement, execute, and manage full-volume on-shore manufacturing and assembly functions

  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize production mix
  • Maximize volume and throughput
  • Maximize production flexibility
  • Maximize quality
  • Scale rapidly
  • Shorten production runs
  • Achieve superior quality control
  • Create competitive advantage


Leverage and Control Production Capacity

Realize critically important production competencies to maintain competitive advantage and increase company valuation

  • Experience product design build flexibility
  • Gain production effectiveness and efficiency
  • Access strategic infrastructure
  • Leverage intelligent Cob@tic operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Mitigate risks
  • Accelerate growth
  • Maximize capital equipment utilization
  • Increase company valuation in less time

Automation and Systems Integration

Cob@ts and AI

Create intelligent human/robotic systems to provide unique capabilities for client-specific production requirements

  • Maximize Human/Robotic collaboration
  • Maximize productivity through systems integration
  • Maximize effectiveness of automated processes
  • Maximize control over material handling
  • Maximize efficiency of packaging and distribution
  • Engineer, build, and maintain custom robotic end-effectors
  • Sustain competitive advantage from process automation