With the upswing in the “Made in America” movement, many business leaders in U.S. manufacturing organizations face challenges supporting the rising tide of manufacturing in general and reshoring in particular.


When faced with backlog issues, these business leaders have turned to traditional sources, which unfortunately have serious drawbacks:


  1. Contract Manufacturing


Many times, changes can take longer and be more expensive. Also, vertical production frequently doesn’t exist.


  1. Contract Engineering


Most contract engineering organizations do not provide product development capabilities, particularly with the manufacturing nuances incorporated into design. These types of organizations can also lack focus, tend to be expensive, and vertical production can be unavailable.


On the other hand, Flex Facilities offer competitive advantages over traditional approaches.


Flex Facilities – outsourced or proprietary – allow U.S. manufacturers to fill the gap between ramping up domestic production capacity and properly maintaining required production levels to meet customer needs, all while controlling costs and managing continuous innovation.


One tremendous advantage of Flex Facilities is the leveraging human-robot coupling, which refers to the interaction and integration between robots and humans in various settings.


Human-robot coupling allows robots to work alongside humans collaboratively. These robots are safe and adaptable, capable of understanding human instructions or working near humans. They can assist with repetitive or physically demanding tasks, allowing employees to focus on the work’s more complex or cognitive aspects.


Further, as we navigate a shrinking labor pool, robots can address the shortage while not eliminating jobs. They put a premium on a labor pool that can learn new skills to complement, not compete with automation.



And these are not linear producers, with the continued growth of artificial intelligence, these robots teach themselves to be more productive with each iteration.



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